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Band of Brothers

My most favorite movie series is called “Band of Brothers: The men of Easy Company”.  In this series of movies your truly get to experience what it was like for a group of young men that go from training to be soldiers to becoming battle hard veterans and heros to their country.  I encourage you to take the next few moments to just share in the words that they share about their battles and their lives.

It is the statement that Dick Winters makes at the end of this clip that gets to me the most.  “I served in a company of heros!”  Won’t it be great at the end of your life to be able to say that you served or you did life together in the company of men that you can call heros.  Heros to their wives, heros to their children, and heros in their faith.  I pray that you are able to find that “Band of Brothers” that you may walk through life’s battles together.


2 Chron. 18:3 (NLT)
“Will you join me in fighting against Ramoth-gilead?” Ahab asked.
And Jehoshaphat replied, “Why, of course! You and I are brothers, and my troops are yours to command. We will certainly join you in battle.”

Who can you go to when the battle is on?



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  1. worldwar1letters

    Readers may also be interested in the writings home from the front of US Sgt. Sam Avery. Fascinating eyewitness history from the hot sands along the Rio Grande to the cold mud along the Meuse. Letters are posted on the same day they were written from the trenches 91 years ago. Long before the Greatest Generation there was the Most Gallant Generation. Come visit the blog and march along.

    November 21, 2009 at 8:45 AM

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