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Who is Fighting with you?

It amazes all the time to hear from so many men that they are not doing life with other guys that can speak into their lives.  That men today feel that they are tough enough to be able to handle life on their own.  One of the things that I have learned over the years is that I need to surround myself with men that are willing to fight.  I need to surround myself with men that see that this life lived in a relationship with Christ needs the support of others that are see the need for a battle ready group.  Here is a picture for us to look at when it comes to what kind of guys we need in our battle ready group:


1 Chron. 12:8 (NIV)
Some Gadites defected to David at his stronghold in the desert. They were brave warriors, ready for battle and able to handle the shield and spear. Their faces were the faces of lions, and they were as swift as gazelles in the mountains.
David was in the midst of a battle. Saul was hot on his trail and he need to surround himself with men that were battle ready.  Well we need the same thing because whether you want to believe it or not there is an enemy and he is seeking to destroy you.  So what made the men that are fighting with David so special?  Well, just look at how they are described.  Read the above verses again.  These men are prepared for the fight that means that they have experience (older), these men carry the right weapons for battle (believers in Christ), these men with their faces alone show that they are not afraid of the battle (honorable warriors).  The question that I have for you, “Do you have these type of men around you?”  If you don’t then you need to find them because with out them you may just not be able to survive the battle.  Go today and find the men that will fight with you the battle of life.



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