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Music Monday

I have had several people share with me about this song.  Then I went on Youtube and I found this video and I sat there in awe of the story and the words that this man wrote.  I pray that you will listen to this song and really take the time to digest what your life looks like when it comes to going through the MOTIONS.  Matthew West ROCKS!

So I have to ask when it comes to your life with Jesus where are you going through the motions?  Make a comment and let’s talk pray for each other.

One response

  1. Mary

    Dear Scott:

    The song was Motions was great and much food for thought. Just know you and your family are/will be in my prayers as you prepare to leave for Colorado. I am bringing my grandson,C.J. and his friend Joey, to church. I only wished they could rub shoulders w/you to glean what the Lord has taught you. The Lord bless you and your ministry at North Gate. I know you will be greatly missed.

    In Christ,

    October 22, 2009 at 7:10 PM

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