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Groundwire Coaching get involved

Over the last couple of years I have been able to meet with some pretty extraordinary men in ministry.  I have also met some that looked great on paper but once you spent some time with them well let’s just say the paper is what was worth keeping.  But while we were living in Arizona I had the privilege to play gold with Sean Dunn.  By the way if you want to find out what someone is really like take them golfing you can see there true colors.  Sean shared with me the vision that he had for reaching people with the gospel through commercials on the radio and t.v. that was called Groundwire. He then shared with me how that would work with a website where people could go to get encouraged, counseled, loved on, and even connected with a church if they so desired.  Well that was all I needed to hear and I want you to share in this vision as well.  So make sure that you watch this video and find out how you can be a part of this amazing ministry that is reaching people for Jesus.

You can make the difference in some one’s life this week by spending time on your computer.

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