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Paul Wright & Rootdown

So this last Friday we had Paul Wright and Rootdown play at our church for a very intimate concert.  They were full of energy and they did a great job of making the students and families at the concert feel special.  You would have never know how many people were in the building.  Which I did as I watched ticket sales.  But they were there to share the love of Christ with the people that were there and they made the night awesome.  Why?  How can I say that?

First as a Dad my kids love Paul and the guys they can not wait to hang around them.  These guys make the people around them so comfortable and they are FUN.  They don’t take themselves and what they do so serious that they can’t enjoy the people around them.  That is something that I have to say I love about these guys.

Second as a Pastor to Students the kids of our church want to have these guys around.  This last concert was a younger crowd and I have to say that it worked out great because the came back to church on Sunday with a new excitement for being a part of the student ministry.  They saw that you can have fun in a worship sense and they were acting that way Sunday.  Thanks to the guys for leading our students in this way.

Finally as a friend I am so encouraged to know that these guys are out their touring and sharing their gifts and talents.  I am so proud of the men that they are and the way that they are serving Jesus in what they do.  I pray that that everyone who gets to hear these guys or just hang out with these guys are able to to catch a glimpse of what it means to serve Jesus with all that you are and who you are.  Thanks guys for a great night.

Paul Wright and Rootdown


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