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The Church and The Community

A couple of weeks ago there was a leadership conference online called “The Nines”.  It was short videos that leaders all over the country put together about the church, leadership, and the people of the church.  One of those videos really struck a cord with me.  The leader that spoke is Rick Rusaw from Lifebridge Church in Longmont Colorado.  I have to be honest the only reason that I listened at first was because he is from my home state.  But obviously that is what God used to allow me to here some thing that I feel each and everyone that is involved in a church need to hear. So why not take the next three minutes and hear what Rick had to say;

The comment that really hit home with me was this “We need to be the best church for the community.”  It is my prayer that as the Lord leads and guides me and several other men and women to start a church in Aurora, Colorado called Elevation Christian Church.  That we remember that we are to be a blessing to the community, that we want to be the best church for the community.

How are you as a follower of Jesus being the best for your community? It has to start with you.


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