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Right words – wrong intent!

In the Doctor's officeHave you ever had one of those moments where you read something and you read something that is different then what the writer intended.  That is what happened to Tyler and I while in the doctor’s office.  We read the above poster and began laughing because if you read with influence in the wrong places then you hear something different.  What we read different was at the bottom of the page.  Instead of reading the statements at the top with the seriousness that you should, we read the bottom as it where saying “Let us know about the problems above so that we can help in doing the above statements”.  What I took away from this is if we do not read the words with the right intent we can totally mess up the message.

I thought of this poster after I went to a Bronco game at Invesco Field in Denver.  I had taken the light rail to the stadium to watch the Bronco game and then when the game was over I made the short walk back to the station to get back on the light rail to head home.  As we walked  back to the station in the massive herd of people there was a man standing there with a huge poster that read”Trust Jesus or Go to Hell!”  As we walked I just listened to people talk about what they read.  “That guy is weird!”  “Those people just freak me out!” “I would trust Jesus but His people are all jerks.”  These are the statements that were going on around me.  It made me want to yell out ” WE ARE ALL NOT LIKE THIS!”  You see the message was true and but it was read with the wrong intent.  I believe that this guy probably had the greatest intentions but because it was not read or presented in the right context it did more damage then good.

So what message are you delivering with your life?  How are people reading you?


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