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Prayer Doodle

Created by Andie Hendriksen

Created by Andie

Here is something that we received from a very special friend from our time in Arizona.  This is her way of praying for you she doodles way she takes her time to lift you up to the Lord.  We received this in the mail and it is one of those amazing things that the Lord sends your way to encourage you.  In fact it is hanging on our refrigerator and anytime that I am feeling a little discouraged or unsure it is a way that I am able to be encouraged.  Thank you Lord for using our friends special gift to encourage us and lead us to new and creative ways of praying for those around us.  Thanks Andie for sharing your gift with us and using it to glorify Jesus.


One response

  1. Andie

    Scott- you are so welcome! 🙂 It kinda took me a little bit to see this but you are very very welcome! 🙂 Miss you guys…

    April 21, 2010 at 5:15 PM

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