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Jon Gordon Books

I love books and I have to say that I am a Barnes and Nobles junkie.  I am an addict! Hi my name is Scott and it has been two weeks since I have bought my last book.  But this summer I found an author that I would highly recommend. His name is Jon Gordon I have read three books of his that I feel are quite encouraging the titles of these books are “The Energy Bus,” “The No Complaining Rule,” and “Training Camp”. Jon Gordon has put together three books that should be read by parents, teachers, leader, and pastors.  They are all in story form and they all teach about areas of life that we need to develop and improve not only our relationships but ourselves.  Both my wife and daughter Danielle are reading or have read some of these books and have been greatly challenged by them.

I would like to really encourage people to share the book “Training Camp” with the men in their lives.  It is a great story about a football player and his quest to become great at what he is doing in life.  But during this quest he is challenged and eventually enters into a relationship with a much wiser and older man that mentors him.  I believe that this story is one that will enable each man to become more then he is today and enable him to grow in areas of his life that will not just make him better but his wife, his kids, and those that are around him.

Each and everyone of us needs to go to “Training Camp”!

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  1. Ryan

    what is your kick back on this

    August 5, 2009 at 12:37 PM

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