Living the crazy life that God has given me!

Where have I been?

So it has been awhile since I put anything out on the blog.  Here is what has happened over the last two months.  I spent two weeks with 7o students from Northgate Christian Fellowship at summer camp.  Where we saw God do some amazing things in students lives.  Then after that I took a whole week off from life.  I didn’t email, twitter, turn on my cell phone, or answer the house phone.  I just slept partly because I was sick as well as wiped out.  I also spent that time praying, reading the bible, and reading some other books that were just for fun.  The one book that really hit home with me at the time was written by Anne Jackson called “Mad Church Disease”.  It is a book about church burnout that I recommend for anyone that works in church work as a staff or volunteer leader.  But it forced me to really evaluate all that I was doing, how I was doing it, and was it allowing me to grow closer to God or take me away from him.

So the BLOG was one of those things that I chose to wait to getting going again until I had set up some boundaries and schedule for my time with God, my wife, my family, my ministry, and my future hopes.  I am excited to say that since then I have had some major moments with my wife and kids.  I have been able to really take some deep and refreshing times with God.  I am running regularly and eating healthier.  I have even made time to relax.

So I am no ready to begin writing again.  I am ready to share the many and amazing things that God is teaching me and leading me through in this life.  So I can’t wait to share with you all.  By the way Thank you Anne for sharing your story and the others that walked through burn out.


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