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New Church Planters

I have to apologize for not being diligent with making posts for the BLOG this last week.  Michelle and I were at a church planters assessment here in Northern California for Stadia West.  Along with three other couples we spent time working together, meeting with church leaders, and sharing our stories along with vision for what we see the Lord leading us to do in church planting.  It was an amazing time we were able to meet some incredible people that are planning to do some really cool ministry.  There is Ray and Ruth that are looking to do ministry in Compton, CA meeting the needs of the community that the Lord has placed them in.  Then there was Jeff and Melany they are a part of a creative ministry where they are doing church through a coffee shop and art in Omaha, NE.  Finally we met Angel and Diana they are planning on starting a church in a town on the Arizona and Mexico border.  Each couple with a vision to bring Jesus to different communities using different plans to accomplish it.  What an amazing time to be starting a church.  What an opportunity to share with others what God has placed on our hearts as we plan to move to Colorado to start a church.  I ask that you pray for these couples as they too  seek the Lord in every step of the way in starting new churches.


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