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New Thoughts . . .

I am always praying that I can learn something new.  I never want to get to the place where I think that I know it all or have learned it all.  So tonight as a family we sat down and listened to a message the Mark Driscoll gave about the book “Proverbs”.  We sat down as a family ate dinner and listened to this message.  I was able to see my wife and kids learn some things about the Bible, Jesus, and what He wants to do in us.  It was so much fun to hear how this message impacted my family and how we are able to live a life in Christ.  We then talked about a story in Acts 10: 9 – 33.  

It was exciting to here the kids talk about verse 15 “The voice spoke again, “if God says something is acceptable, don’t say it isn’t.”  So what were some of the things that were brought up that we as followers of Christ have made unacceptable that God never made unacceptable.  Clothes were mentioned. Different types of music that are not Christian. Hair cuts.  You see my kids  have heard it all remember their Dad is a pastor so they have all been told the things that there are not supposed to do.  Usually by people that are not their parents. 

It is my prayer that we look at Peter and what he was experiencing about his faith and the realization that God is the ultimate authority.  That we need to truly seek his thoughts and His perspective on life.  That we as His followers need to to not make rules or ideas that are not from God.  That especially if those rules or ideas keep those that He wants to reach away.


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