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17 year Wedding Anniversary


Celebrating 17 years of marriage.

Celebrating 17 years of marriage.



Today I have the awesome opportunity to celebrate 17 years of marriage to my beautiful wife Michelle.  We have walked through seasons of babies being born (oldest two are only 10 months apart), moving from state to state, living with my family while I was going to school, to a new adventure of starting a church, having teenagers driving, and moving again.   I have to say that without a doubt I could have not become the man that God wanted me to be with out her love, care, and encouragement.  She was exactly what I need in a wife, mother to our kids, and my best friend.  I am so thankful that the good Lord has loaned her to me for the time that we have had together, so far.  I know that as we continue on in this new season of life that there will be new and exciting challenges, but with the Lord in my heart and my bride by my side I can not wait.

Michelle you are the example of what Proverbs 12: 4a “A worthy wife is her husbands joy and crown”.  I am so blessed to have you in my life and to have you as my wife.  I pray for the day that our daughters grow up to be wives and mothers, because they had a great example in you.

I love you, thank you for a great 17 years.


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