Living the crazy life that God has given me!

Mother’s Day

I love hanging out with my family. They know how to have fun no matter what is going on.  I had just finished barbecuing dinner for mother’s day, we ate, the dishes were clean.  So I went to the back of the house to do a little reading.  When I came out this is what I found going on in the living room.  I want you all to know that yes I like sports and yes I like competition, but there is one person in the house that is way more competitive them me.

I am telling you don’t mess with my bride she will “Dominate”, notice she said, “Going for the kill”.  I was scared for the kids.  What fun, what a great woman, and I am so blessed to have this woman be the mother of our children. I love you Michelle.

What fun things do you do as a family in the house?


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