Living the crazy life that God has given me!

Change is necessary

EverythIng is an experiment (Change is constant)

One of the exciting things about being in a church start is you really don’t have to hear people say, “We have never done it this way.” Because the church has never done anything, any way.  It is a church start so everything that Elevation Community Church does will be new to Elevation Community Church.  

This is a value that as the leader of the church I seek to keep before us.  While I was at the Exponential Church Planters Conference in Orlando,Florida Craig Groeschel spoke about being a leader that is part of a movement of God.  The three things that he shared about asking the question “What if?” is first you need to see things that others don’t see, second do what others won’t do, and third you have to hurt like others don’t hurt.  For me as he was speaking about that subject  I felt that this is exactly why we need to value the are of experimenting with what we do as a church.  We need to be willing to stretch ourselves, we need to be willing to try and fail, we need to be willing to risk.  We need to seek the leading of the Holy Spirit to be creative like our Father in Heaven is creative.  I mean just look around the world and see the amazing creativity that our Lord has.  We need to be able to follow His leading and that may mean that we do things differently then we have ever done things.  We need to know that the church as it starts is not going to be the same church in a year, and will not be the same in another year, and definitely in the next five years.  We will never leave the biblical standards or our values but our methods and systems will always be in change.  Why?  We will experiment so that more people can come to know Jesus.  That more marriages will be restored because of Jesus.  That more parents will raise their families in homes where the model is Jesus.  That Jesus will always be presented to people that don’t know Him.  

What area of your life has changed over the years? What area of your life have you taken risks? 


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