Living the crazy life that God has given me!

Looking at the Window

I have to share with you all what happened to me on Monday when I was in Starbucks journalling and reading.  I had got my Venti Vanilla latte and coffee cake then found a table that was empty near the front of the building.  It was a table that had the whole wall as the window.  While I was sitting there enjoying my Christian Crack and cake I watched a little girl, her puppy, and mom walk up to the building.  They had tied the puppy up to the leg of a chair so that they could come in and get their drinks.  But as soon as they had closed the door behind them the puppy went nuts and started barking then almost choking itself to get to the door.  So the Mom told the little girl to stay there until the Mom came back with the drinks, she did just that and I have to admit I enjoyed watching her love on her puppy.  

So I decided I better get to reading and writing because that was the reason I was there.  So I dove into my journal, I began writing out my prayers, I was very focused.  After that I grabbed my ductape bible and started eating the verses up as I was eating up the coffee cake.  I was really saturated with the moment. Until! Thats right until! Until the little girl almost had her face pressed to the glass next to me. It caught me off guard so I literally jumped away from the window. Which in turn made the little girl jump back and made her mom begin to laugh out loud it was awesome! I began to laugh to myself.  But soon returned to my cake and my bible.  With the occasional funny face to the little girl who was very embarrassed but what had happened.  

As they were getting ready to leave the mom came in to throw away there cups and to apologize to me.  This is what she said that really caught my attention, “Sorry about that she was so worried about what was on her face that she forgot that she was looking at a window and not a mirror.  She forgot that there were people on the other side that could see her.”  I said no problem but what she said really caused me to think.  I love it when these things happen.

The little girl is a lot like me.  There are those days, those moments, those seconds that I am so focused on me that I forget about the others around me.  That as a husband that I forget that m wife is watching,  That as a dad that I forget that on the other side of the glass are my kids watching.  That as a follower of Jesus Christ I forget that people are watching. What would happen if we spent less time looking at ourselves in the glass and looked beyond it to the people that are watching and waiting?  How would that change our perspective? How would that change not just us but the people around us?  Who knows they actually might see who we really are and now who we think we are as we look into the glass. 

Titus 2: 7 (NLT)”And you yourself must be an example to them by doing good deeds of every kind. Let everything you do reflect the integrity and seriousness of your teaching.

What type of reflection are you giving to those that are watching you in your life?

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