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We need each other!

As I have been involved in churches I have seen people come and people go.  There is the mindset that we can walk in and out of churches like we do stores.  In fact I laugh when I hear people say, “They are church shopping.” Now I do believe that it is important to find a church that is what you feel God wants for you and your family.  But then you are to be there and to be a part of the community.  I think that comes by making friends with people that you go to church with on Sunday.  Statistics actually have come to say that if you don’t make six friends within in the first six months then you won’t stick around.  So we need to look at the way we deal with community.  It’s about becoming friends.

I am not the type of person that is going to join a group of people and tell everyone my deepest feelings.  I just don’t work that way.  I will hang out with people and become friends with people and do life with them.  Then once I know that I can be real with those friends then I will start to share what is going on in my life. I pray that people become friends and see the value as well as the need to be with other people, to make friends.  I also pray that we just don’t walk out on each other or treat each other with disrespect.  I pray that through time, teaching, and growing through scripture we are able to see that when a person leaves that it is just as important as a person joining. We need each other.

Romans 12:5 (NLT)  so it is with Christ’s body. We are all parts of his one body, and each of us has different work to do. And since we are all one body in Christ, we belong to each other, and each of us needs all the others. 

Everyone is inValuable & irreplaceable in community

What can you do to make people feel invaluable and irreplaceable in your community?


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