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Hiding Easter Eggs

We are a family that because I work at a church always enjoys spending the day at the church for Easter.  My kids have shared that some of their best memories are when we are all working together during these services.  Because we are at the church from early until late then Michelle has always left the church early to go and hide Easter eggs so that they kids were surprised when they got home from being at church.  With them all being older and not wanting to hide all the Easter Eggs and they also made the comment that they were to easy to find this year Michelle decided to hide just nine eggs and she hid them hard.  She hid them so hard that she was worried that she would forget where she put them so she made a note for where all the eggs were placed.  This is the note that she made:

Notes to find the eggsThat is how awesome my wife is, never want to have a hidden egg go bad on you.  We even needed to use the notes because the kids couldn’t find them all.  Don’t tell mom that it was to easy or she will bring it.  Had a great Easter, will be posting more pictures and even a video.

What Easter stories do you have to tell?


One response

  1. Nancy Bloyer

    Well, we should have taken Michelle’s way to hide the eggs. Wer hid 26 eggs and because the children at our house are small we thought they were pretty easy to find. Guess not, we found 25 and as of today, tuesday we still haven’t found lucky number 26. I guess we’ll smell it soon enough!!

    April 14, 2009 at 11:31 AM

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