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Sleep Walking!

Ok, I have to talk about this because it is so freaking hilarious.  Last night as I was working on the computer and watching a movie about 1:00AM I was surprised to have one of my kids get up.  This does not happen to often and when it does it usually means someone is sick or bad dreams.  But this one was different, the child that was up and walking around decided to take a shower.  It was one in the freaking morning who takes a shower?  So being the person I am I went and woke-up my wife and asked if this was normal behavior for a girl?  You now know that it was not Tyler, edged out by the female comment.  So Michelle got up and went in to ask the daughter what was going on.  Much to Michelle’s surprise this person was getting ready to go to school.  This is where it gets good.  This girl then asked “Why was she asking?”  Michelle informed her it was one in the morning.  While still in the shower the person went dead silent, then began to laugh.  “I thought that it was time to get up I was dreaming that I was getting ready to go to school.”  With that Michelle started laughing of course coming straight out to me with the funny information.  Obviously Michelle went back to bed but I waited to comfort, make fun of this person.  Now this is where I hope you figure out which one of the girls this was, she came out and told me she was going to blow dry her hair at one in the morning so she could look good for school. (Morgan is not totally there yet, I say yet.)  Danielle was so hilarious that I could not stop laughing, in fact at 2:00AM when I went to bed laying there I started to laugh again.  You know that you are in a routine of getting ready for school when you get up and take a shower because you are dreaming about going to school.  

I love my daughter she is truly a joy, and if I was in the South I would probably say to her, “Bless your little heart.”


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  1. Jennie


    July 4, 2009 at 3:08 PM

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