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Walking the Values

As we continue you to prepare for the time where we move to Colorado and get the people there together for Elevation Community Church I thought it was a good idea to walk through the values that will make up this church.  The problem with most values and things that are written about a church or a business is that it doesn’t mean anything unless there is action put to it.  I have been in churches that talk about what they valued but then when it came down to it, that was really all it was TALK.  So it is my prayer that as we walk through these values that people realize that it is my goal to make these things more then just talk that these are things that the Lord has placed on my heart and that these are areas that we will not just talk about but that we will do.  So today let’s start with the very first value that goes with Elevation Community Church: 

 EvErything is covered in prayer (Before, During, & After)

One area that gets a lot of talk is prayer.  Now many people may take offense to what I am about to say but I think that it needs to be said: “Prayer is given lip service in most churches.”  I hear people say that they pray for one another but most of the time they hear the prayer request but don’t pray.  That is why if someone asks me to pray for them then I do it right there with them or right there to the Lord.  In the book of Acts it says in chapter 4 verse 24 it says; “Then all the believers were united as they lifted their voices in prayer.”  To me this verse speaks of worship of Jesus, it shares the unity of the body of believers, and that it calls us to pray together for great things.

In my head and heart this is what I pray and want for Elevation Community Church that we will be a people and a place of prayer.  That as we prepare we do it with prayer, that as we walk through life we do it with prayer, that after any event or service or gathering we end it with prayer.  So today with that in mind I would encourage you to share something that you want prayer for.  That today I will and I pray the other people that read this will then pray for each other.  

What prayer request do you have today?


2 responses

  1. humanbeingblog

    Clear, Divine guidance for the next step in my own life unfoldment.

    I’m with you on this topic. I think “I’ll pray for you,” is equivalent to saying “have a nice day.” It’s meaningless, a niceity that most people don’t really mean.

    I’ve made it a point in my spiritual practice that when the universe delivers me someone who needs that kind of support, I do it then and there, usually silently, because my version is about my own personal relationship with the Source. I don’t pray for things, but for support and healing and guidance and clarity and understanding. All couched in gratitude.

    April 7, 2009 at 10:59 AM

  2. I totally agree that some people use that as something that is meaningless. That is why I see this as something that we need to foster and encourage as a church and a group of believers. It can never hurt to stop and honor God and that person with prayer. Thanks again for sharing I am excited about what people think and offer up when it comes to the blog, by the way how can I be praying for you?

    April 7, 2009 at 11:11 AM

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