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How will this church be different?

As we have slowly walked through this last year there have been several things that we have asked our selves.  “How will this church be different?” is one that I have had to walk through in m y mind over and over.  The best way that I can explain this is with the different areas of the vision. We are going to do few things and our prayer is to do those few things well.  They will include the following things:

  • Elevate the name of Jesus through worship gatherings
  • Elevate the love of Jesus through community groups
  • Elevate the hands of Jesus through serving others

My prayer is that through these areas of the church that will be able to serve and love on the people of the Aurora/Parker area.  That by being very strategic and dedicated to the vision of this church that God will allow us to be different, not just in methodology but in spirit and conviction.  I am excited to say that we are going to ruthlessly work to keep the church simple and uncluttered so that the Gospel message will be the priority and that the people of the church will be able to be the church.  Will this church be different? I can only say that my prayer is that we aren’t different for different sake but so that people will see it is about Jesus and not the program.  Who knows maybe this will be different.


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