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Why Aurora/Parker?

So why would we choose to go to Colorado?  Why are we looking to launch a church in the Aurora/Parker area?  Well I am really glad that you asked that question.  Over the last year we have been able to connect with lots of people that we have known since either high school or through our time in Colorado in the 90’s when I was going to CCU.  Most of those people that we were connecting with were either in Aurora or Parker.  So with that we began to do some investigation into the area and what has been going on since we had lived there previously.  

Some statistics that we found on different websites are the following:

  • 34.8 is the median age
  • 65.2% single family homes (Aurora)
  • 84.5% single family homes (Parker) 
  • 71.8% of them are married
  • 50% of the households have children
  • 93% of South Denver don’t attend church
  • That by 2010 there is suppose to be growth of 250,000 people

So why Aurora/Parker?  First, people need Jesus.   Second, people need Jesus.  Third, because it is a place that we have friends and family, that God has given us a perspective that others may not have because we have lived there. Fourth, we see that even if the churches there are doing a great job and people are being reached with Gospel then with the growth there still wouldn’t be enough room.   Ok, did you get it people need Jesus.  God has called us to go to this place because God wants people to know Him and for Him to be known.  That is why we are looking to launch “Elevation Community Church”.  

This week I will be updating the blog with more information about the church and I would please encourage your responses about what you see and hear.


2 responses

  1. humanbeingblog

    Scott, Welcome home. I wish you all the success in the world on this endeavor. Even though I have much different spiritual views than you, I admire your convictions and your ability to frame them in a modern sense. Your passion is wonderful, and I know you’ll have great support as you plant your new church!


    April 1, 2009 at 9:51 AM

  2. Thank you for the encouragement I just want you to know that we might not have the same spiritual views we can still talk and walk through life together. You will always be welcome to come and hang out. Thanks Lynn I appreciate it.

    April 1, 2009 at 2:19 PM

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