Living the crazy life that God has given me!

Elevation Christian Church

As we have walked through the last year seeking what God wanted for us when it came to starting a church one of the things that I wrote in my journal on October 8, 2008 was the name “Elevation Christian Church”.  For some reason that name came to me and I have not been able to let it go, I even jumped off the treadmill one afternoon because I had a picture of logo in my head and how that would fit with the name Elevation.

The definition of Elevation is the height above a location.  Let’s see the elevation in Colorado is something that is always talked about.  In fact I have been on the step there at the Capital where the brass tag is for the Mile High elevation.  But that is not the reason.

Our mission: To elevate the name of Jesus one life at a time.

We named it “Elevation Christian Church” because we want the name of Jesus to be above all other names.  That we believe that when His name is raised above a location, a home, a life, a school, that things happen and lives are changed forever.


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