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NFL Rule Changes

Ok, I can’t take it anymore.  I was not going to say anything but the longer i sit here the more irritated I get.  Football is a contact sport, it is a violent sport, it is a sport that was created with being aggressive in mind.  But with all of the rule changes and the changes that are suppose to control the amount of hitting I believe is going to cause more damage then help.  After playing football for several years and being one of those players that enjoyed the collision part of the game.  I see that all of those rules are going to cause players to be thinking to much about breaking the rules or getting penalized that they will hold up.  That is where most injuries happen when one player is all out and the other one is playing back.  I mean if you can’t stand the hit get out of the game.  If you don’t agree just look at the following rules changes:

That adjustment wasn’t a rule change and didn’t require a vote by owners. The following are the four rules adopted by the 32 teams:

  • The initial force of a blindside block can’t be delivered by a helmet, forearm or shoulder to an opponent’s head or neck. An illegal blindside block will bring a 15-yard penalty. (This is what gets me out of my chair)
  • Initial contact to the head of a defenceless receiver also will draw a 15-yard penalty. (A receiver is defenseless anytime he is in the process of catching the ball, he is a receiver, DUH)

“Our clear movement is to getting out of the striking in the head area,” Pereira said. “We’re reading about injuries that say spinal and vertebrae. We’ve got to try something.”

  • On kickoffs, no blocking wedge of more than two players will be allowed. A 15-yard penalty will go to a violating team. (Can you really be serious so now instead of having some one be able to buffer the guy running down the field at you with the wall, you are doing it one on one and the return man just as well down the ball for his safety.  Hitting a kick returner will be a penalty soon.)
  • Also on kickoffs, the kicking team can’t have more than five players bunched together pursuing an onside kick. It will be a five-yard penalty. (Read same as above)

There is also a rule that is not in this above statement that says that defensive players that have been knocked to the ground, while they are on the ground can no longer lunge or move forward to tackle an offensive player.  They can only swipe at there feet.  Oh yeah this was a good one, again taking the aggressive nature out of the game.

Now I am in totally agreement with keeping a player safe.  But we are getting to the point where we might as well put flags on players. (“Skirts on Quarterback” via Jack Lambert)  This is football it is a contact sport there is going to be hitting.  

Ok, I feel better know.  Thank you for sharing in my therapy.  Love the game and I always will until it becomes “Touch Tag” or “Soccer”.


2 responses

  1. Nancy Bloyer

    Do you feel better now?? This sounds like a familiar discussion from around our dinner table. I really got a big kick out of your venting. Your Mom

    March 26, 2009 at 8:13 PM

  2. Always good to know that my mom is getting a kick out of my therapy sessions. Nothing you didn’t expect from me. Love you and thanks.

    March 26, 2009 at 9:22 PM

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