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Seeing Opportunities

I have been taking the last couple of weeks to read through the book of Acts.  I am really seeking the Lord’s direction and wisdom when it comes to developing and leading a church.  I believe that there is so much more to the body of believers and the way that grows and breaths as the Holy spirit leads.  I also have been watching the wisdom of the leaders as they walked on fresh ground when it came to the church.  Why is that they saw people come to know Christ in large numbers? Why is that they saw the Holy Spirit move in amazing ways?  In Acts chapter three something really caught my eye:

Acts 3: 12 “Peter saw the opportunity and addressed the crowd. . . . . “

Peter was aware of the moment, Peter was aware of the people and their interest, Peter was so in-tune to the Holy Spirit that he was able to know what to say and what to do.  My prayer is that we as church leaders can gain that perspective again. That we are so in-tune with the leading of the Spirit that we can reach the people that Jesus wants us to reach. 

In what ways are you seeking the Holy Spirit’s direction in the ministry that you lead?


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