Living the crazy life that God has given me!

Leadership that is Aggressive!

I want to be a leader that is always trying something new.  I want to be a leader that is never afraid to be aggressive.  While I was playing football a parent once said to my dad “I think that Scott must have some pent up aggression, he plays the game so violently.”  My dad was shocked at the comment because it was varsity tackle football, it wasn’t the YMCA flag football league. So he responded by saying “This is football that is the way that game is suppose to played.”  One of the things that I pray never changes in me and I pray is passed on down to my kids is the ability to live life aggressively.  

In the book “IT” by Craig Groeschel he makes this statement: “Aggressive leaders with IT are often dreaming, experimenting, and testing the limits. They don’t know what can’t be done and are willing to try things others think aren’t possible.” pg. 110

Why is that we are so afraid to try?  Why is that we are always listening to that voice that says “Don’t you dare?”  I pray that you try something, that you don’t take the easy way out, that you will be aggressive and be the leader.  

What is one thing or one area that you feel that you can take a chance in?


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