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Men in the Church

The last couple of weeks I have been doing some research for our “Man vs. Wild” message series for the month of March.  I have taken the time to read one book and half way through the other book.  The first book is called “No More Christian Nice Guy” and the second book is called “Unleashing Courageous Faith: The Hidden Power of a Man’s Soul” both written by Paul Coughlin.  So far they have both challenged and encouraged me as a Godly man, husband, and father.  I say that because for most of my adult life I always felt that there was something wrong with who I was a Christian man. (Now for those that know me yes you knew that there was something wrong with me, beat my family to the punch) I like to bungee jump, skydive, ride a motorcycle, I love UFC and MMA, I go nuts over hard hits in football.  These are the things that I like and I never knew if that was what I was allowed to like being a Christian man.  I would always hear the comments “Well isn’t that too violent?” or “Don’t you think that is setting a bad example for your son?”  Well, what I have really thought about those comments was “I Don’t Care what you think!” 

Now that I have read these two books I have to say that I feel even more called to be the man that God has created me to be, you want to know why?  Because I was not called to be a “Nice Guy”,  I have been called to be a “Godly Man” and being Godly does not always mean that I am nice.  I want you to also know that I hope that no one ever calls me nice again. (pg. 181 “No More Christian Nice Guy”: The word nice comes from two very old and unflattering words, one is French and one Latin.  They both mean “ignorance, an absence of knowledge or awareness.)  My goal is to be Godly and being Godly is not nice and sometimes it means that I need to get into a fight.  I need to fight for the love of my wife, I need to fight for the needs and care of my kids, and I need to fight against anything that goes against what God wants for my life.  What I really think is that if more men knew that being a Godly men was about getting into a fight they might be more apt to want to follow the Jesus that went all the way to the cross fighting for our freedom, he fought so hard that it meant His death.  That is the Jesus that I follow, not the feathered haired, pasty white, never smiling Jesus, that was always serious, and would get knocked down by a sixth grade girl. (I have the 6th grade daughter that could do that by the way.)  

If you were to go to church and hear about a Jesus that was a real man, what difference would that make to you?


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