Living the crazy life that God has given me!

Great Service and a great guy!

Yesterday, my family and I decided that we needed to let off some steam.  With all that is going on in the world and with all of the things that happen in a family, let alone a family in ministry.  We decided that we needed to do something fun and not worry about what would happen that day.  So we decided to go bowling, no I have to admit that I hate bowling.  It has never really been one of those things that I enjoy doing.  But my wife  and kids came up with the idea so I was in on it and I even found us a place to go.  So with all of us ready and willing we went bowling.  I have to take a moment and pause here, because it is not fun to go with a family that is so competitive that a fund day at the bowling alley becomes a crazy competition.  I must pause again and say that it was the mother of the family that went nuts, not the dad.  I have to admit that I love that my wife is competitive it really is fun to get her going and then watch her smile because she knows that I am getting to her.  She is just to cool.

Well after three games of bowling and that I just beat the soup out of the two out of the three games.  Must give my son props he beat me the first game.  We needed some food.  We did not want bowling alley food.  So we decided to start driving and see where we ended up.  We all started mentioning the different things that sounded good to us and I found myself in a parking lot where there  was a Wing Stop – Panda Express – NYPD Pizza.  Now there were two that wanted Panda and then there were two that wanted pizza and a bald guy that just can’t say no to wings.  Well we all ended up at the NYPD PIZZA place, not quite sure what to expect. 

What we found was a pizza place that knows how to have fun and take care of families.  In this time where everyone is worried about money, the economy, and wars around the world we found a great place to hang out.  There we met the owner and operator Rick Jackson and in the kitchen was Rick’s son making the pizza.  He was an honest fun loving and great guy, we spent the next two hours eating some of the best chicken wings that I have ever tasted and a pizza that was devoured in seconds.  So what do you do when that happens you order more chicken wings and dessert. We had some kind of dough thing called a “Zeppole” for desert they were FREAKING AWESOME! So good that we ordered a bag to take home along with twenty more wings.  Now I have to say that it is not cheap to take a family of five healthy eaters out to dinner especially in Northern California.  But Rick’s place was tasty, clean, fun, and affordable we are planning on going back again this next Monday because the kids don’t have school.  

What I would like to do is to encourage all of you that live here in the Northern California area to go and give Rick your business.  I love that we have a family man that is doing a great job at business and making things quality.  So here is the address:

NYPD Pleasant Hill – 2380 Monument Blvd. Suite F Pleasant Hill, CA 94523

Phone Number 925.682.8988 



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