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Can you pray this Prayer?

This week as I talk with friends and family I can hear the stress in their voices. One of the things that has people so wigged out is the financial issues that we find ourselves in today.  That we see in the stock markets as the go up and down.  That we see in other countries as they deal with war and fighting.  But as I was doing some daily blog reading and checking out some guys that I think are really incredible men of God and gifted in many different areas I found the following video.  What I think is so awesome is the content that comes with this video and the issue that we as Americans need to face when it comes to our money and our ability to give it’s control over to God.  So be warned this is not a prayer that will give you that warm fuzzy feeling it is a prayer that will challenge your heart and mind.  

Today is the day to ask God for not to much or for to little but for what you need today.  This would be what I call “the just enough principle”.  How can you take the biblical wisdom that Francis Chan shares with us through this short video. I think that in there are principles that we can apply when it comes to more then just money.  Maybe it is our clothes, really do we need all the out fits that we have?  Do we really need all the technological toys that we have?  

What area of your life do you see God challenging you to think about the “just enough for today principle”?


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