Living the crazy life that God has given me!

What do you do when they want to climb?

I was thinking today about when Tyler was a little boy.  We would sit on the deck of my mom and dads house and watch the kids play in the front yard. My parent’s neighbors Mike and Janet have a Pine tree that is great for climbing.  It did not take long for Tyler to always end up in the tree.  Then the question would always come from this little voice from inside the tree, “Can I climb higher?”  Of course being the dad I would look to see where I could pick out a flash of color or a shoe on a branch then respond, “Go for it!”  I would receive looks from my wife that said “are you sure about this?”  But eventually Tyler would find the place where he was going to go as far as he felt he could and then he would turn back.  Well today is no different the tree has just become something bigger.

 Tyler Climbing today!

The question that I have been walking through lately goes to my Father in heaven.  “Can I climb higher?”  “Can I take that chance?”  “Is this something that you want me to do?” Without a doubt I think that these are the questions that God wants to hear from us because then that means that we are doing something that only He can enable or encourage us to do.  Look at Abraham, pick up and go! Noah, build the boat! Nehemiah quite pouring drinks, go build a wall!  I really believe that most of us have taken our relationship with God and made it something safe and secure.  Something that we can put into five to ten minutes a day or an hour on Sunday.  When what God is really looking for is people that are going to climb higher, run farther, and risk more for His glory and fame. 

 Trees are to small now!

The question that I have for you is when was the last time you asked God, “Can I climb higher?” 


By the way Dads let the kid climb, because when you don’t all your doing is teaching thenm to not take a risk.  We need more risk takers especially when it comes to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.


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