Living the crazy life that God has given me!

The Power of the Wife!

Today as a husband I am so encouraged by the woman that I am able to call my wife.  As we both seek the Lord in the choices and directions of life the encouragement that I receive from her is incredible.  I mean it is so awesome to know that I have a partner that is really seeking the Lord in all that we do.  I mean last night as I am watching a football game I noticed that Michelle was not around and so I thought the loving thing is I am going to find her and mess with her (I love doing this with all my family).  But as I opened the bedroom door for a sneak attack I found her curled up on the bed with her devotional book, bible, journal, and IPOD with worship music going.  It is such a humbling experience to see my wife in a position of humility before the Lord.  I had to just stop and enjoy the moment has a husband as well as a fellow traveler with Jesus.  She looked at me and asked if she could use my IPOD for the worship music that I had on my playlist, I ran to get it so she could continue with her time.  I went back to the game not praying for who I wanted to win but thanking the Lord for the wife he has loaned to me.

Proverbs 12:4 (NLT)   a worthy wife is her husband’s joy and crown; a shameful wife saps his strength. 

This morning I spent time with just her and I praying.  If you want to be a real man of faith, a real husband then pray with your wife, because there is no hiding who you are before her and the Lord when you place all of life at the feet of Jesus.  Ladies you have no idea the power that your encouragement and prayers bring to a husband, I could not be the man that I am today with out the wife that I have been loaned and the prayer that she places before the Lord for me.  When I know that she is behind me and going before the Lord for me, watch out!

Take the time to pray with your wife!


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