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He shall be my Theme . . . .


Warren C. Bloyer - Iowa Preacher

Warren C. Bloyer - Iowa Preacher

The other night in my office after we had been at church for the Middle school small groups Morgan and I were talking.  While I was finishing up paper work for the night she continued to talk and share about the nights events with the girls and how the leaders she had were awesome. I was listening half -heartedly.  Then all of a sudden it got quiet and I could hear her turning some pages in one of the many books that I have on my shelves.  I continued to work not thinking that she found some books that I have for students, or a book about games, even one of the comic books that I kept for younger kids to read while in my office.  Then came the questions; who is this man again? What are these books? Why is this one so old? Can I keep looking through this one?


I had to turn and look to see what she was talking about. There in her little hands the old frail preaching bible of my grandfather.  My grandfather was a hell, fire, and brimstone preacher back in the 1950’s in Iowa.  We heard many stories about him and what he did and who he was, the reason we just heard stories is because he died when my dad was only 10 years old.  One of the first people in the United States that had identifiable Colon cancer he died at age 35.  So at one time my mom from my grandmother gave me some of his study guides, his preaching bible, a picture, and his sermon material folder.  The sermon bible is what Morgan had in her hands.  It had been a long time since I had looked at it, read it, and listened to what had been written in it’s pages.  But one of the first things that I read in his note pages is what he had to say about being a preacher.


When I speak = He shall be my theme.

While I speak = His glory shall be my Goal

When I have spoken = His smile shall be my sufficient reward.


As I sat there and read these words I was challenged by the words of my grandfather.  I thought were these things that he wrote so that he could remain grounded while speaking?  Was this something that he heard someone else say? It made me really think, Morgan and I then cleaned up our stuff then went home.  While on the way home we talked about his time, the little stories that I knew, and I shared with all I knew of him.  When we were home she asked for me to make a copy of his picture so she could have it in her room.  Then as I was tucking her into bed she said, “No one talks like great grandpa anymore.” It again made me think some more.  Why don’t we talk like he did anymore? Is it because we have lost touch with God? Is it because we don’t take the time to really digest the words of scripture?  Have we allowed technology to rob us of the intimacy of the scriptures? I don’t know? All I know is that I want to take steps to be like my grandfather.  May we take the time to be more in tune with God and who He is, when I speak at anytime may HE be my theme.


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