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Store closing but wait.

Store closing but wait.

So a couple of months ago my son and I are trying to do some shopping for the house for my wife.  We needed a new kitchen trash can and I knew what type she wanted so Tyler and I head out.  Just as we pull into the shopping area we see the picture above.  The store is closing and they are having a massive sale to get rid of everything.  My first thought is we are going to get the trash can for a deal! I will get my wife something that she wants and save money another thing that she likes to see.  I am not a very good shopper. So we with great joy head into to the store for a bargain.  But as we get a little closer we see another sign check this one out.

Say what?

Say what?

Tyler stopped stared at the picture for awhile and said, “That is just stupid!”  They are closing a store but yet they are hiring people to let them go.  As we walked into the store I was just as confused as he was.  So me being the person that I am I asked one of the employees, “Why?”  In his wisdom he said, “Don’t know.” They are actually letting me go next week.  With that Tyler and I grabbed our trash can, got the bargain but walked to the car quietly.  Once inside he asked, “What were they thinking? This guy is losing his job but, they are hiring someone else.”  

This whole situation made me think of being involved in a church.  We say that we are evangelistic but we don’t go out and reach our friends.  We say that we care about each other but we are the first ones to talk behind someone’s back.  We tell people that we are wanting them to join us in our family of believers but we don’t show them how.  In the church world and the business world there are things that get done that are just NONSENSE.

So what are some solutions for what we do when we are part of the church:

  • Don’t just talk about reaching out, do something! – pray with the grocery store employee
  • Don’t get butt hurt when the church leadership doesn’t do things your way. Follow the leaders that God has put in place.
  • Don’t talk behind someone’s back, get them,talk to them and be the brother or sister in Christ you were meant to be.
  • Don’t just say come on and join, show them. Make it simple and meaningful – then repeat.
  • Don’t just pray for God to send someone. Because if you have noticed the problem, then maybe you should just look in the mirror because God has sent someone.  YOU!

Proverbs 11:3 “Good people are guided by their honesty; treacherous people are destroyed by their dishonesty”

Let’s get honest we are sending mixed messages to a world that is dying and going into an eternity without Jesus.  What are some things that you can do right now, this very moment to present the gospel message?  Let’s get the message straight.

Matthew 20:28 “For even I the Son of Man, came here not to be served but to serve others, and give my life as a ransom for many.”

As we celebrate the Christmas season how are you going to serve others? What is your family going to do to share the Gospel Message?


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