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Danielle turns Sixteen


I never thought that I would come to the day where my first child was sixteen years of age.  But today I stand the father of a sixteen year old daughter and I have to say that I have loved every minute of it.  I am so blessed with the young lady that she has come to be she lead a group of girls at a Middle school camp, she is in leadership at the High school, setter on the JV Volleyball Team, and one of the most beautiful women I know.  I just pray that as we walk through life that we always remember that are kids are just loaned to us and they are only with us for a short while and then they are out on their own.  My mom and dad would always say “It is a blink and then they are gone.”  They were not kidding but what a wonderful blink it has been.  So with that I wrote for her a little poem and I wanted to share with you with just the few words that I could what she means to her mother and I. 

Sixteen years: “What a start!”


The day you were born

Life changed all around


Your mothers face was so bright

Because of the little girl

That came that night


As I held you in my arms

And looked at your face

There was no way

To imagine who you were to become today


Your smile brightens a room

And melts your daddy’s heart


Your laugh echoes through the house

And gets me to giggle just a little start


The way that you’re quick with your wit

Gets me going crazy just a bit


The intensity at which you live your life

Makes me wonder what will happen

Later just tonight


The leadership you posses

Makes others think

And you bring out their best


The way that you walk like Christ is such a gift

Your mother and I knew that you were on loan

But it is so hard to think that we will have to let go


So today as we celebrate sixteen years all we can say:

“Is what a start!”


With all that you have already said and done

I know that what is to come is going to be

Second to none


So it is as a mom and dad we pray

It is our hope that you will never stray

From the road that the Lord has begun to pave for your life

It is with that we know you will be an incredible:







Mother and



But most of all a child of Christ

May we in many more days

Celebrate just as much with a daughter or son of yours

In God we Trust.


One response

  1. Michelle

    Feels like that was just yesterday doesn’t it?? I will always treasure that moment and picture of you two:)

    December 7, 2008 at 11:58 AM

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