Living the crazy life that God has given me!

Discovery Kingdom – Bloyer Day

This last weekend we were able to go to Six Flags Discovery Kingdom.  We are able to do this because someone generously gave us some tickets.  So we all went to have some fun.  But what we didn’t realize was how much we needed to have fun.  We were there about an hour when Danielle turned to me and said we really needed to have some fun.  It is so hard when everyone has things going on football, volleyball, music practice, just life in general we get going so fast.  But this day we were just having fun and hanging out as a family.  In fact we were able to see some pretty amazing things, like dolphins, a killer whale, white tigers, mountain lions trying to get to a bird, and roller coasters that make your head hurt.  But most of all we got to see each other smile, laugh, and have fun.  Check out this video of Danielle as she really seemed to get the attention of this dolphin.  She seemed to have the ability to get him to stay at the glass all day long we have found out his name is Merlin.  In fact we started to call her the “Dolphin Whisperer” by the end of the day.  Tyler even tried taking video of us going on a roller coaster but was caught by the camera on the roller coaster trying to take a picture it was pretty funny.  Morgan found out that she really likes going fast but much like her Dad doesn’t like things that spin.  It was one of those special days where Michelle and I just smiled and thanked God that we get to have these kids on loan from God.  The day we spent was a magical day, not because of where we were but who we were with, our kids.  


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