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Husbands need to pray with their wives.

So I have to say that I really enjoy my days off where I get to start them with my wife praying about what is going on in our lives and the lives of our children.  In fact when we don’t get to pray I really miss that opportunity to share with God a time where we are both seeking Him together as husband and wife.  It does though make me think about other couples and how they might or might not take the time to pray together.  We have been praying like this for so long that I some time forget that when we first got married that we were both either to immature to do it or did not make it a priority.  Well several years later I can’t see ourselves not being able to make it through the week without praying together.  I want you to understand that this is part of the two becoming one.  I see husbands and wives do real well with the sex side of the two becoming one, with the financial side of the two becoming one, but when it comes to the spiritual side we seem to leave that to each others business.  If you want to have better sex, pray with your wife, if you want to deal with finances better, pray with your wife, if you want to be better parents, pray with your wife.  I am able to look into my wife’s heart in a much greater way when we pray then when we just talk for 15 minutes.  Because when my wife prays she knows that what she is saying is going straight to the one that is truly the lover of her soul and I as a husband get to see the love between a daughter and father.  I know that there is no way that I will ever be able to love her as much as the Lord does, but when we pray I sure am able to be a part of that relationship.  

Maybe your reading this and you are not yet married.  Well I challenge you to start praying for a husband or wife that you can pray with.  That you remember that when you go to get married it is not just about sex appeal and finances.  That marriage is about the union between a man and a woman and their God.  

Maybe your reading this and you don’t pray with your husband and wife.  Then start today, for a few moments before you go to bed just the two of you ask how you can specifically pray for each other then do that.  Maybe it’s in the morning before the other little bodies get moving around sit at the table and pray.  But make some time to pray together and I am not talking about the at the dinner table prayers.  Pray for each other, pray for your kids, pray for your kids future mates (yes even if they are one year old), pray for your finances, but take sometime to pray.  

The reason that I am writing this is because I think that the men of this country. The men of the church today need to quit being spiritual eunichs and start leading at home.  That we need to be men of God not just on Sunday or when we are in trouble but all the time.  So you be the one to set up when you are going to pray and follow through.  Maybe you even want to start a couples journal, but the husbands need to step up and be a man.  Perry Noble at Newspring said it best when he said that Christian men need to “Grow a set”.  

Thank you Lord for the time that I get to spend with my wife sharing with you our hearts.  May we always take that time to become one in prayer. May we begin to set the standard for which our kids see there marriage.  May we honor you with who we are together.


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