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The Lone Cowboy

Ok, I have to say that the following story is really hard for me to share.  But with all that is going on in the world I thought that we should share something pretty cool.  It is so cool that I have to give props to Tony Romo the quarterback to the Dallas Cowboys.  This has nothing to do with who he is dating, or that one of his receivers is crying about his support, or even where he went before a big game.  It is all about how he took the time to think of someone else.  Read the following story just click on the Dallas Morning News.

What about that? In a time where most reports about athletes are about drug busts, working with BALCO, someone in their posse beating another person up, or that they don’t play for the game for the love of the game.  We have a young man that has not once but twice taken the time to help people out.  Now being a die hard Bronco fan I say “Go Tony Romo”.  I have a new respect for this NFL Quarterback.  Not because of his throwing arm, his statistics, or the teams record.  But because he has taken the time to see those around him and to see them as Jesus would.  What is sad is that this is actually a news worthy story, that someone caring for another person has to hit the papers. I do have to pose the question though if a reporter was around you would there be anything to write about?  Would there be any stories of how you cared for another person?  

The Lone Cowboy does the right thing.

The Lone Cowboy does the right thing.


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