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The Cost of Lost

So as I prepare to speak to the college group in Vallejo I have really felt the Lord speak to me about people around me that don’t have a relationship with Jesus.  I am naturally, spiritually, and emotionally bent to want to reach out and share the gospel to those around me but some very important things in the bible jumped out to me.  As I have been studying Luke 15 God continues to impress upon on me the need to be people that extend God’s grace and mercy to those around us.  This is not at the expense of the truth that comes form God’s word.  But as Jesus shared these stories he had several people that he was specifically taking too.  Men of that day would have been more interested in the lost sheep story because it had to do with their job.  Women would have been more in tune to the lost coin because it came from the young ladies dowry and that would have been her only cash. Then finally the lost son and this was actually aimed at the religious people of Jesus’ day.  Because it went against the whole idea of being able to work to gain the favor of the father.  

There are some many things that I can continue to write about when it came to the challenging of Old testament law, the culturally relevant things that Jesus addresses, and even the different passages that all work together to make this story walk through the whole bible. But what I really want us to think about is the cost of what is lost.  Each and everyone knows someone who is living with out Jesus Christ.  The question that I have is what are they worth? At what cost are you willing to spend so that they might know the grace of Jesus Christ?  I read today this statement and I want us to think about it: “We are not saved by God’s love. God loves the whole world and everything in it. Yet everything and everyone are not in a right relationship with God, not everyone is “saved”. We are saved by God’s grace, and grace is love that pays a price.”   What was the price paid? The price was paid two thousand years ago by the son of God, Jesus when he died on the cross and then rose again.  

So if that is what God is willing to do, then what are you willing to do?  What are you willing to pay?


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