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It’s all about the Hair!

Ok we were having lunch as a family in the mall at Red Robin.  There I sit fighting my son for the last few fries in the bottomless basket.  When Danielle goes dad you have to look at the guy on the escalator.  As I pan around I see a tall, thin, young man with the largest afro that I have ever seen.  In fact I think Danielle said he looked like a human Q-tip.  Well, I couldn’t take it I had to get a picture so I went out and asked him if I could get a picture.  Even as I take the picture someone walking by says “That is an awesome FRO” Take a look for yourself.

I am jealous.....

I am jealous.....




One response

  1. Oh, thats me in the morning! ahahaha
    Fro’s are the best thing since sliced bread. Who needs a handbag when you got a fro like that? You can stash all sorts of stuff in there……Cell phone, lip balm, keys, wallet, hot wheels band aids (for the “on the go” owies) purell gel, glock 22 + 2 extra mags. The possibilities are endless! Gotta love people with the confidence to rock a fro like that!

    January 28, 2009 at 10:26 PM

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