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Last Part to Family or Team: What do you want your leaders to be?

This series has been a challenge for us to take a look at the people that we are with in either work, ministry, or even just in organizations that we are involved in as a family or a team.  I know that many people think that everyone wants to be called a family, well that is not true.  The other is the true as well not everyone wants to be called a team.  So for the sake of developing ourselves as leaders let us just continue to look at the differing viewpoints that go with either word team or family.  Once all of the information is out then we can really dissect it for our own work environment or even just for our own personal preference.


Family: To people in the family

Team: To the mission of the team

Affiliation (belonging)

Family: Everyone belongs – no one gets disowned regardless of performance.

Team: Everyone belongs as long as they contribute to the team and mission success


Family: Based on past family experience and values

Team: Based on what is necessary to get the job done

Affirmation (approval)

Family: Based on parental preferences and family history.

Team: Based on the contribution towards accomplishing goals.

So with all of this information what do you think you would want to develop as a leader; a family or a team? What would work better for your area of influence; a family or a team?  In most cases I think that there is not a right or wrong answer but what works best with your gifts, talents, and abilities as a leader.  What do you think about the family vs. the team idea?


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