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Part Two Family or Team: What do you want your leaders to be?

Here is the next area of focus when it comes to looking at when we develop leaders in an organization. 



·      Needs of family members are first priority

·      Accomplishing a task is secondary

Going on a walk with one of your children if they are smaller and younger your natural tendency is going to be slow down or even stop for them.


·      Accomplishing the task is primary

·      Needs of the team members are secondary

Your running in a relay at a track meet and the guy in the lane next to you pulls up with a hamstring injury, you don’t slow down or stop for them.

What makes the difference between the two examples?  What can be said for how we work, should we stop or keep going?  What are the exceptions to the above statements?

As we all take places of leadership whether it is in our homes, our offices, our churches, even our friendships we need to think about how we are going to live life.  How would you use the idea of family verses team?  


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