Living the crazy life that God has given me!

Big Guy in a Little World

Today as I was getting my wife some lunch I ran into Rob.  Rob is a friend of Matt and Amy Roloff’s from the TV show “Little People in a Big World”.  Last year he had surgery so I was able to talk to him about that and he even shared with me some of the things coming up in this year’s season.  He was an incredibly nice guy and I know that all the girls in my house our struggling with jealousy because I got to meet him.  It is incredible how God allows us to run into different people during our day.   Unfortunately we don’t notice some of the people He has placed in our life that might be hurting or dealing with something because we aren’t willing to ask.  All I did was start off the conversation with “How is your back feeling after the surgery?”  Some of us ask people ask “How is your day?” But do we really want to know the truth when we ask that question?  I encourage you this weekend to ask people “How are things going?” and then take the time to really listen.  Who knows you might even make a new friend or be the person that helps someone with a bad day.  Take a chance and just ask.

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