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Powerful Conversations

This week as I have been doing my blog reading I found an amazing blog on leadership and the way that things are changing in leadership.  The title of the blog is “Leading Powerful Conversations” by Michael Hyatt, CEO of Thomas Nelson Publishers.  What he shares is very exciting and very captivating when it comes to developing a team as well as having people work together to reach a common understanding.  The goal of the leader is no longer to walk in with the answers. The goal of the leader according to Michael is to initiate conversations that bring out the best thinking of the tribe and direct those conversations toward a positive outcome.”  I read through the whole article and realized that what he was talking about is what Jesus did.  Jesus was always getting people to walk through conversations that they had with Him to come to not just a positive outcome, but a Christ like outcome.  Take time to read Matthew 19: 16 – 25 this is where Jesus has an encounter with a rich young man that thinks that he has all of the answers.  But in reality Jesus through an amazing conversation brings this young man to a place where he sees the Christ like outcome and the realization for the young man is life changing.  So what conversations are you having? Unfortunately, I think that most people that consider themselves followers of Christ think that they can just come into a conversation with the answers.  But what really enables some one to grow? Is it someone telling them what they should believe or think? Or is it walking someone through a conversation to where they through the conversation and the work of the Holy Spirit are able to own the answer for themselves?

This week think about the conversations that you are having.  Think about how you can initiate conversations that will lead to a Christ like outcome. 


I want to make sure that I give a shout out to my friend Greg Stier who is releasing a new and exciting video that will help people have those Christ centered conversations.  Check the following trailor


One response

  1. Greg Stier

    dude you rock…it looks great and you are nuts. I love it!

    October 30, 2008 at 1:46 PM

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