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Single Guys – Grow a PAIR!

So last week I shared a special message from Perry Noble the lead pastor at NewSpring.  This week I want to share with you another part of the message series that they are doing called “Beautiful”.  The reason that I felt compelled to share this with you is because I want to say that I totally and with out any doubt in my mind agree with what Perry shares about single men today.  I remember the advice that I received from my parents about dating and it was always about being a gentleman and I tried my best. But I know that I was not the best example of a Godly young man.  But now that I have two daughters and a son I love the way that Perry calls things like it is! I have even gone as far as telling my daughters that if the young man doesn’t open the car door come back in the house.  If he comes back to the door then he can explain to me why the door wasn’t opened in the first place. I expect the same thing from my son as well. So click on the link for Beautiful and watch the video. Once you have watched the video please let me know what you think.  If you are a single guy and you are going to complain then take that junk somewhere else because obviously you are one of the guys Perry is taking too.

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