Living the crazy life that God has given me!

Eating Crumbs!

I begin my days with a list of Blogs and pastors that I try to check out for encouragement, inspiration, and creativity.  I use them as a way the Lord can show me what He is doing in other areas and that there are other ways that I can teach and lead as a husband, father, and pastor. 

So with this last weekend full of our first Homecoming dance with my two oldest I really prayed that we would be able to walk through this and learn some things about being parents. I prayed especially for me as a Dad with daughters.  You see I am the oldest of four kids and my sister is the youngest and we are 10 years a part.  So I never experienced the dating stuff and the coming of age stuff so this has all been new and challenging for me.  I know that I am learning new things everyday and I love it. But there are times that I get frustrated because I love my kids.  I don’t want to see them get hurt and I don’t want to see them make mistakes like I did when I was there age.  But I also know that I am responsible to do the best job possible, that I am not responsible for them that is God’s job.  But sometimes I want to take that job, but I know that would be bad, very bad, very very bad.  But this weekend we did learn some things and I did not pray very specific because they were not easy things to learn and they were not fun.  Got to be more specific next time when I pray.  But I know that through the hard and difficult times that God has a plan and that for us in the end we have grown, we are closer to each other, and the Lord because of our weekend.  I love being a Dad and I love being a husband to wife that enables me to become better through these times when I am not sure what to do. 

So I want all of you both male and female to think about the relationships that you are involved in.  I want you to check out the video link when you click on the word “Beautiful”.  It is part of a message series that Perry Noble is doing at NewSpring Church called “Beautiful”.  I want you to think about what he shares when it comes to the crumbs. 

Where are you at when it comes to sitting at the table of the Lord? Are you eating off the floor or are you experiencing the buffet?  What is God teaching you about relationships and how they are based in Christ?

To my kids both in my home and in the church: don’t eat the crumbs! God has so much more for you.


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