Living the crazy life that God has given me!

“Wild” Living!

So as I have been reading the different BLOGS and watching the Catalyst Backstage Videos there are some amazing resounding themes that have come out.  That we as leaders in ministry need to be seeking to do new things in our churches. We are to be focused on the relationship with the living God then just working for him.  That are lives are to match what we say, this is what Andy Stanley said, “We want our leaders to have consistency between what they say and what they do.”  Then he at the end of the conference made this statement,” When your memories exceed your dreams, the end is near. You look back with smiles and lots to celebrate, but you don’t have a lot to work forward to.”

He then posed this question: “Are you willing to be involved in the future more than the present?”

It can become so easy just to keep your eyes on the things that are right before you.  If you are constantly just looking at the horizon, then you miss the beautiful stars that are above your head.  Some time you just need to do some star gazing.  So this last month as part of my book reading list I read the book “Wild Goose Chase” by Mark Batterson. 

This is an amazing book that challenges you to look into what it really means to be a follower of Christ. The Celtic Christians had a name for the Holy Spirit they called Him “An Geadh-Glas” the Wild Goose.  So that is where you get the idea of the “Wild Goose Chase” are we living a life that is involved in the chase.  In Chapter 2 at the beginning he says that the average person will spend half their waking life at work, that is about 100,000 hours at work.  He follows this up with the statement; “instead of making a life, all we do is make a living.”  

So it caused me to think about the goals that I have set for myself, my relationships, and my family.  This week I handed out to my family notebooks that we are going to put our “Life Goals” in. We have taken this last week to pray about what God has placed on are heart and then this Sunday Night we are all going to Starbucks get a drink and spread out and write our goals.  Then we are going to come back together and share what we have written.  I am excited to see what my wife and kids write as we seek what God has for us in the future.  I am excited to see what things we are going to accomplish with the Lords leading. When we are done I will make sure that I share with you some of things that we come up with.

What Life Goals have you set? What things are you planning to do in the future? What do you see God wanting you to do?  

Take the time and do some star gazing.

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