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Sunday Night Family Meetings

So after reading about the idea from the new Patrick Lencioni’s book “The Three Big Questions for a Frantic Family” we decided to have a little family meeting.  Now I want you to know that we have always had a Family Night depending on what my schedule and the rest families schedule looked like.  When we started it some 6 years ago it was on Tuesday Night, then it changed to Thursday Night (partly because of Survivor), and now it is Sunday Night.  Before it was something we did to have fun with the kids and make sure that there was a time in our families life where it was just us for us.  When you work with people a lot you don’t want your family to think that they are second to everyone else, my family is my number one priority.  So what we do know is go for a walk, get some Starbucks coffee or take it with us, and we talk about the past week. We talk about games, school, work, prayers, and what God is doing in each of our lives.  Then when we get to a place where we can sit we talk about the coming week and making sure that we all know of the events that are coming.  When you have three kids that are active this is very important so you don’t get to many surprises, OK not as many surprises.  Then we have held hands and prayed, held hands and went go Bloyer’s, or we have taken pictures while we sit there and talk.  Check out the picture of Morgan and I down by the water.  Also, check out where you can make the all important time to have either a family night or a short family meeting.  The most important things happen in your family.

Family night down by the water.

Family night down by the water.


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  1. I just looked at that book at Borders yesterday. I love the ideas in it. Thanks for sharing how you’re doing it – very cool. God bless!

    October 17, 2008 at 11:12 AM

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