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Football, Friends, and my Son!


Losing the big game!

Losing the big game!

So tonight I had a great time going to a football game.  We went to see one of the top 10 high school football teams De La Salle in the United States play another high school football team Don Bosco that was in the top 25 of the United States.  We had a barbecue with the boosters of De La Salle and then went and stood in the south end zone of the stadium.  It was a beautiful site the stands were filling up ESPN-U was getting the cameras ready and the sun was going down in NOR CAL.  Then the band came in and played the national anthem and lead us into the game.  We saw a great game.  There were twists and turns through out the whole game with us being able to stand right underneath the goal as the winning field goal was kicked with 10 seconds left in the game for Don Bosco beating De La Salle.  What better then a night with my son good friends and football.  It was awesome to see Tyler get so excited about seeing that he was not smaller then the guys on the field.  Oh, and Tyler scored his first touchdown on Thursday Night, stopped a guy for a safety, had three sacks and ten solo tackles.  Friends, Football, and my son. Thanks Joe for taking us to the game it was amazing.


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