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Staying focused!


Student Baptism

Student Baptism

One of the things that I am constantly striving for is to make sure that we as a student ministry are staying focused.  We do this through the use of the discipleship process that our church staff has created over the last year and for the student ministry we have put some areas that we can use as markers.  I use them in my mind and vision to make sure that we are doing what we are suppose to be doing and that we can continue to move forward as the Lord leads us in student’s lives.  So here are two things that have encouraged me when it comes the growth in our student ministry.  We for the first time in the history of Northgate had more then 100 students in the student ministry services on a Sunday morning.  Then for the last year we have baptized 23 students half of them coming from new church growth not transfer growth.  Then finally we have 45 students actively involved in community groups during the week.  As we continue to develop the markers that we are going to use to watch for growth of our student ministry I will be making updates through out the years so you can see how we are doing.  But for those of you that think, “WOW” he is just about numbers then I want you to make sure that you take a look at the picture above and remember that she is what those numbers represent. Students and life change!


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